It’s a Celebration?!

I wrote an Insta post earlier this month about quietly acknowledging my 11th year of living with diabetes. I decided not to make a big hoopla of things, as my numbers had been quite unruly lately. In fact, this season was sprinkled with some of the highest and lowest numbers of my life—a reality that brought much embarrassment, disgruntled sighs and anxious tears. As I couldn’t discern the cause of this recent string of high and low blood sugars, I found it difficult to be optimistic or grateful. Discouraged, I took a back seat to diabetes, and acquiesced to her steering me down a very bumpy road.

It wasn’t until a state of pensiveness brought along by my recent birthday did I realize the need to rattle myself from this depression. Despite feeling beat up by type 1 diabetes, and in all honesty–life, I refused to wallow in shame or assume a posture of defeat. Instead, I’ve chosen to remember. I remember that with high blood sugars, low blood sugars, and my sometimes “hot mess” of a self, I’m still fierce. I remember that imperfections and scars— both physical and emotional, also amplify one’s beauty and strength. I remember that I am deserving of grace. Regardless of my perceived shortcomings, those related to T1D and those not, I am still worthy of celebration.

And with that in mind, here are photos from a recent shoot which reflect my decision to choose compassion and love—for myself and this journey. So yes, it is a celebration!

Thank you to my photographer and love, Alfred of Royal Light Photography and my dear henna artist/friend, Kamrun of @hennabykam for sharing their talents with me as well.



3 responses to “It’s a Celebration?!”

  1. Jamaica says:

    You are meritorious! I admire all that you do and all that you are, cousin. You are an inspiration to those with and without T1D. Love you!

  2. Qiana Drew says:

    Love , love, love this post too!
    What an awesome photo shoot too 🙂
    You Rock Ariel!