NYC Meet-Up: Volume II

On Saturday, June 23rd, I hosted a NYC meet-up for folks with diabetes and those who support us. We were a diverse group–seasoned and young, and from all racial/ethnic backgrounds who convened at Pennsy Hall. I’m grateful to these friends–new and old, who braved unpredictable weather and gray clouds to grace us with their presence. In fact, a handful of participants even traveled from PA, NJ and CT. I appreciate our attendees for their vulnerability and willingness to cultivate fresh and hopefully, meaningful friendships with other T1Ds and their loving partners.

In honor of a festive and joy-filled day, I wanted to share a throwback post that captured my sentiment from my first meet-up last year and remains relevant for this recent one as well. You may find it here.

Special thanks to my partner, Alfred Sarpeh of Royal Light Photography for his wonderful photos and Chenelle Roberts (Instagram: @robertschenelle) for her beautiful signage.

If you’re interested in staying up to date on upcoming meet-ups, please share your email with me using the following contact form. Also, all diabetics, regardless of type, are invited to these meet-ups, so if you’re not a Type 1, don’t’ be shy–you are welcomed as well.


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