Diabetics on the Margin: Brunch and Panel Discussion


“We live in a world where people of color are too easily and conveniently forgotten. For me, having the opportunity to join two other women of color living with type 1 diabetes, and show the world that we do matter was euphoric.” Gloria, T1D

“I spent almost my entire life as a type 1 diabetic (15 years) not seeing myself. Furthermore, as a woman, especially a woman of color, we’re taught to not take up space.” Aisha, T1D

I have partnered with Beyond Type 1 to present, “Diabetics on the Margin”, a brunch and panel discussion celebrating and supporting people of color thriving in the face of Type 1 diabetes on September 15th in NYC. All are welcomed!

The making of this event began with the “Diabetics on the Margin” photo-series which prompted the initial brainstorming that led to my partnership with Beyond Type 1. In March, I called on my dear sister-friends Gloria and Aisha to help me elevate the narratives of diabetics of color and bring awareness to our existence, as young black and brown folk, living boldly with this disease.

As I grew up bombarded with negative images and statistics on how diabetes ravaged communities of color, I felt it was necessary to provide visible examples of individuals of color living triumphantly with diabetes.

Diabetics on the Margin brunch and panel discussion is the actualization of this dream. On September 15th, I, in partnership with Beyond Type 1 will convene advocates and non-profit leaders from underrepresented communities to discuss how we’re all making a difference within the T1D space and beyond! Come to not only be inspired, but to be reminded that someone like you, can do this, too!

Date: September 15th
Location: Homepolish Headquarters in NYC
Time: 10:30 am to 1:00 pm

Update: This event is SOLD OUT – but we hope you’ll join us on the Beyond Type 1 Facebook Page for a livestream on Saturday starting at 11:15am ET.


We are grateful to the team at Homepolish for hosting this event at the headquarters in New York and to our Event Sponsors:

Companion MedicalDexcom, Insulet, MedtronicMyabeticmySugrRoche Diabetes Care  + Tandem Diabetes Care.


Grace Bonney, Moderator: Founder of Design Sponge, Author of In The Company of Women, Design*Sponge at Home

Ariel Lawrence, Founder of Just a Little Suga’ and creator of the “Diabetics on the Margin” series—platforms created to elevate the narratives of people of color living with diabetes.

Dr. Maria E. Peña is an Assistant Professor and Director of Endocrine Services at Mount Sinai Hospital. Her specialties are endocrinology, diabetes & Metabolism, Obesity Medicine


Vivian Nabeta, Founder of the Sonia Nabeta Foundation, non-profit seeking to alleviate the hefty cost of T1D treatment and provide health care for low-income children in Africa.


Ali Abdulkareem, Inspirational Vlogger and Podcast Host behind, “The Diabetes Daily Hustle”.


Chef Tommy, Personal chef and founder of Sweet Science Chef. Type 1 diabetic for 2 years, who creates healthy, and culturally responsive meals. Mantra is “eat to live.”


Courtney Taylor and Chase DuPont of Chase Away Diabetes, Diabetes Advocates, Mother and son duo navigating Type 1 (Chase has T1D)

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  1. Jacqueline Kornegay says:

    Im looking for help for my daughter she has been and type 1 diabetic for 3 years. Please help me fine a support group. Her diabetes is up and down she having a very hatd time she asking me to help her gine individuals, groups where she an talk freely and people understand what she’s going threw. Please help she 30 years old.